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A New Healthy Alternative to Snacking!​

A New Healthy Alternative to Snacking!​

Each bag of Puka Plantain Strips contains just three natural ingredients: Plantain Strips, Palm oil and Sea Salt. Our plantains are hand-picked from the Caribbean and then sliced by hand, lengthwise to add more flavor and value for the consumer. 

We invite you to try the new healthy alternative to snacking and food preparation. 

Puka plantain strips contain a natural resistant starch and a rich source of fiber. In addition, they also contain vitamin A,  vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium. Puka plantain strips help the immune system, pregnancy nutrition, mood and brain function, regularity, blood sugar, blood pressure, and the prevention of Iron-Deficiency Anemia.

Plantains make a great option for gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipes.

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